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Orca Billing Info

Overview's Orca offering is billed through the Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics marketplace. The marketplace enables transactions to be handled efficiently and securely.

After entering billing information in the marketplace, registering via the web app, and receiving a customer license number, Orca can be run on any images and the account will be billed.


Orca's services are priced at 1.50 USD per km2. Orca is designed to work on imagery with a resolution of ~50cm and is therefore not operable with imagery outside of the 40-60cm range.

Example Pricing

Price per square kilometer = $1.50

Price per square kilometer = $1.50

Price per square kilometer = $3.00 ($1.50/km2 Footprint detection + $1.50/km2 Vegetation detection)

Billing Logs

Each time that Orca was run triggering billing within the current calendar month will be displayed under activity info for the relevant detection container in the Orca web app.

Billing log

Activity within the current calendar month (here: no activity)

A more complete log of Orca runs with billing, error, and completion messages can be found in rawdata<random>/results/billing.log. Please be sure to send a copy of this file along with any questions or disputes that may arise related to billing.

Orca Billing Support